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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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make c2 controls. but we have for you is a proposal from the planning commission that addresses the number of the concerns this commission and others have had. we just do not know specifically which ordinance will actually make those changes. we did vote during the street front ditches ordinance -- we did vote for the commission to support this ordinance, which would incorporate a number of those things, but we felt it would be necessary to provide for the broader update. >> so this is a work in progress, informational it. >> just so you know, this has been in the planning commission for the land use committee. this has been continued to the call of the chair at the next month. at this point, would it be
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informational? >> right now, this particular presentation is informational. the staff -- if there is any sort of commons, any additional direction, we would certainly welcome that. we do not have to take action. you could agenda is it as such if there was any action you might want to take on it. >> when we made the agenda, there was a chance we would need firm direction. but it is going the direction that we have already had direction. >> anything that makes it easier or more clear to make plans, i fully support. >> thank you. just keep us updated. >> just to let you know, i think
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we are going to see some continued. i think there was active interest from the planning department to take a look at this. we will continue to see improvements coming before the commission in terms of cleanup and zoning issues. >> no public comment. there is no public present. >> item 11, and directors report, update and report on the office of small business and the small business assistance center, update on department programs, update on legislative matters, and make announcements regarding small business activities. >> i want to wish a happy holiday as we come to the close of 2010. i hope you have a good one. for the small business
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assistance center, we are up 23% over last year in terms of the number of clients received. i provided you with a worksheet tally that calculates an overall number of businesses -- clients we see annually and the total since we opened. for the year 2010, we do not have december totals. but up until november, we have seen a total of 2509 cases. so far, we are averaging an increase of 11% over last year. of course, total served since we opened in may of 2008 is 6005 clients. i am going to just do a quick review. i wanted to acknowledge the
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mayors of the house yesterday. it was a highly successful event. we are not able to have our offices open in our section of the tax and treasurer's office. we are 140 on the other side open, so we set up another space over there. it was really wonderful to see all these many individuals and families who do not come to see you all. these are the citizens of our city who ask very little of us in many respects. they just loved the fact that there were able to come into city hall in see it. of course, there were long lines for individuals to take their picture with the mayor. the kids love the snow park. the other component of want to make note of is that there were a number of people who said, "do
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you know of a great restaurant to go to around here, or a good place to eat? these things are really good will that are meant to help our citizens feel good about being in this city, and for the city to be giving something to them. they are also good economic generators. there is, i think, many positive benefits to them. in regards, i am going to highlight some core pieces of legislation. the mobile foods -- the p.w. is working out the transition -- dpw is working out the transition. i hope i will have a specific plan to report from them, but that is still in transition. it has not completely rolled over yet. the set like ordinance -- we had a briefing at the mayor's department -- the sit-lie ordinance -- we had a briefing
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at the scammers department. that are developing their guidelines so there will have consistent guidelines for how sit-lie is implemented across the city. they want to make sure it is consistently enforced. once i know that those guidelines are finalized, i will have a presentation by the police department to you for you to hear them. and then i think -- so those are the core legislative elements we have been working with. lastly, and ada update -- the city attorney is filing an amicus brief on behalf of francovitch vs. lee. an opportunity fund has created a specific loan program to assist businesses with their 88
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improvements. -- ada improvements. i want to make sure the commission has received their calendar for 2011 and you have your dates in, and that you have your march retreat date scheduled. you have that in your calendar as well. the march retreat date is march 31 from 1:00 to 8:00 here at city hall. >> and did you give us a calendar? >> i think it was an e-mail calendar. >> chris, i thought you had sent out a calendar to the commissioners. >> you probably did. i might have missed it. >> i will send a separate e-mail from all of these other things
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so you have that. >> in the subject field, put in capital letters "calendar." the more idiot-proof you can make it, the better it is. no disrespect to the other commissioners. >> lastly, i want to make a note that commissioners you did receive a communication from and lbe that had trouble receiving some payment. this is more a matter for the comptroller's office and the human rights commission. if you're interested in having specific follow-up as to what transpired with the communication, please let chris know. that concludes a report, unless you have any questions. -- my report, unless you have any questions. >> commissioners, item 12. legislative and policy committee report.
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>> the committee chair is not here. i do have notes to go over. some items reviewed at our committee meeting have already been discussed today. that is it. thank you. >> item 13, permitting committee report. >> i am not as ready as i would like to be a period of a ticket stub at some of the notes i had from the meeting, and particular ones i think are important. the catch program is, as you know, due to -- or at least there is a lack of agreement to have assisted financing on the program. what is being disclosed now is whether to go forward on a mandatory basis. i believe it is going to be coming up on the agenda on wednesday.
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i think i am prole going to go to that meeting of the dbi and see what we're going to do going forward, whether it is going to be a program that is going to be mandatory or not. there are a lot of unanswered questions as to the cost of it and how much by in there is on the community and how it is going to affect building owners. how is it going to affect landlords? how is a good to affect tenants? is the cost going to be distributed? there are a lot of unanswered questions. i will keep you posted. there is an item on here regarding the restaurant task force, which is easy to report on because it is on hold. the reason for it is also very easy to explain and it is to do with the america's cup, which is, how should i put it, taking over all the resources right now to try to make that a success. i heard the mayor saying last
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week it was all but a done deal barring some details that have to be ironed out. that is huge, as you know. in the impact fees, i would characterize that as an item that we are trying to become educated on kind of get our hands around it and understand all of what that means. the first ones we are going to look at it as we go forward and analyze it are the ones that affect eastern neighborhoods, the ones that are as a result of mta transit and the puc waste water. they are all very, very hefty big impact fees, and may affect anybody who is trying to start a business. i remind everybody that i think
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a lot of people thought the impact fee was about developers, but it is not. it is about anybody trying to start a business in the areas in question. that is it for now. i just want to be more prepared on the other issues i will mention. that will conclude our report for this evening. >> item 14, outreach committee report. >> because commissioner dooley is not here, i apologize. i do not have a report. i will brief you on our next meeting, but i completely forgot to cover it for my fellow commissioners, so i apologize. >> thank you. >> item 15, president's report. president riley: this is the last commission meeting for the
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year 2010. i want to wish everybody happy holidays, and i also want to thank my fellow commissioners and staff for all the hard work. as i look back at my notes, i counted how many ordinances and legislations we have reviewed and provided recommendations. it is 40 of them. many of them we heard numerous times to give input. we can watch out for the small businesses. the key legislation already reported by the director some of the accomplishments this year is we established or accomplished our strategic plan for all the small businesses. that is a good accomplishment. next march, we're going to take a look at it again and see how
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we are doing. the center provided assistance to over 6000 clients, which is very remarkable. thank you very much. small business week was a big success. how much did a report earlier? >> $3,000, i think, over the week. -- 3000 businesses, i think, over the week. >>president riley: i attended te meeting for community development, the business conference. the mayor's office of housing went through the application process so that a nonprofit knows what to do to apply for funding. thank you. next item, please.
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mr. clerk: commissioners, item number 16, the vice president's report. vice president clyde: it looks like unemployment benefits will most likely be extended for san franciscans who are unemployed, and why that is a big deal for small businesses is because people are struggling for work, and a loss of employment for 2500 to 3000 san francisco ins would make a huge impact, so that was good to see -- san franciscans would make a huge impact, so that was good to see. and the president of chase
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manhattan bank, the ceo of chase manhattan bank, was quoted in "the new york times," saying that the access to capital is the number one barrier to small- business job creation right now in the country, so it is agreed and many, many levels that this barrier is important to address, so we are hoping in the new year that the banks and the federal government can work out something that will free up capital in the coming year, and the other thing i would like to mention is a homegrown san francisco company, with the assistance of the office of work force development held a conference in san francisco last week that attracted over 25,000 people. the company is committed to locating in san francisco. that is 3000 employees who will be working here. again, this is used by our own
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office of small business, and many small businesses, so i think this is a win-win for san francisco. so i would like to thank them and congratulate them, and as we know the economy in san francisco is slowly picking up, we are looking forward to a positive new year. that is my report. thank you. president yee riley: thank you. next item, please. mr. clerk: item number 17, commissioner reports. commissioners, item 18, general public comment. president yee riley: seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk: item number 19, a
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business. commissioner -- item number 19, new business. commissioner: i just want to say thank you to sfgtv. president yee riley: next item, please. mr. clerk: commissioners, item number 20, adjournment. president yee riley: so moved. mr. clerk: commissioners, the meeting is adjourned. president yee riley: thank you.
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>> in this fabulously beautiful persidio national park and near golden gate and running like a scar is this ugly highway. that was built in 1936 at the same time as the bridge and at that time the presidio was an army and they didn't want civilians on their turf. and the road was built high. >> we need access and you have a 70 year-old facility that's inadequate for today's transportation needs. and in addition to that, you have the problem that it wasn't for site extenders. >> the rating for the high
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viaduct is a higher rating than that collapsed. and it was sapped quite a while before used and it was rusty before installed. >> a state highway through a federal national park connecting an independently managed bridge to city streets. this is a prescription for complication. >> it became clear unless there was one catalyst organization that took it on as a challenge, it wouldn't happen and we did that and for people to advocate. and the project has a structural rating of 2 out of 100. >> you can see the rusting
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reinforcing in the concrete when you look at the edges now. the deck has steel reinforcing that's corroded and lost 2/3's of its strength. >> this was accelerated in 1989 when the earthquake hit and cal came in and strengthened but can't bring to standards. to fix this road will cost more than to replace. and for the last 18 years, we have been working on a design to replace the road way, but to do in a way that makes it appropriate to be in a national park and not army post. >> i would say it's one of the most ugly structure, and it's a barrier between the mar sh and
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presidio. and this is a place and i brought my dogs and grandchildren and had a picnic lunch and it was memorable to use them when we come here. what would it look like when the design and development is completed. and we are not sure we want an eight lane highway going through this town. and it's a beautiful area in a national seaport area on the planet. >> the road is going to be so different. it's really a park way, and it's a parkway through the national park. and they make the road disapeer
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to the national park. >> and the road is about 20 feet lower, normally midday, you go through it in two minutes. looking back from the golden gate bridge to presidio, you are more aware of the park land and less of the roads. and the viaduct will parallel the existing one and to the south and can be built while the existing one remains in operation. and the two bridges there with open space between them and your views constantly change and not aware of the traffic in the opposite direction and notice the views more. and the lanes of course are a foot wider than they are today. and they will be shoulders and
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if your car is disabled, you can pull off to the edge. and the next area, the tunnel portal will have a view centered on the palace of fine arts and as you come out, you can see alkatrez island and bay. and the next area is about 1,000 feet long. and when you come into one, you can see through the other end. it's almost like driving through a building than through a tunnel. and noise from the roadway will be sheltered. and the traffic will be out of view. >> when you come out of the last sort tunnel and as you look forward, you see the golden dome of the palace of fine arts and what more perfect
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way to come to san francisco through that gateway. >> it will be an amazing transformation. now you read it as one section, the road is a major barrier and then a wonderful strip along the water. all of those things are going to mesh together. >> right now the road really cuts off this area from public access. and with the new road, we will be able to open up the opportunity in a new way. >> this bunker that we see now is out of access for the general public. we are excited to completely rework this side and to open up the magnificent views. and what we want to do is add to this wonderful amenity and restore this coastal bluff area
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and respect its military history and the doyle drive project is allowing us to do that recorrection. and this area is not splintered off. >> and we can see how dramatic a change it will be when doyle drive is suppressd and you have a cover that connects the cemetery to this project. it's historic on the statewide and national basis, but you could rush the project or put thought and time to create something of lasting public benefit. >> we really want this, for everyone to feel like it's a win situation. whether you are a neighbor that lives nearby or a cut


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